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What is Lawskool Pty Ltd?
Lawskool is an Australian company that provides high quality up-to-date law study notes. Our large range of legal study products are an invaluable resource for students, no matter which Australian university you are in.
With over 13 years of experience, students can always count on Lawskool products to exceed their expectations (Lawskool Satisfaction Guarantee).

What products does Lawskool offer?

We offer a range of products for over 20 different law subjects, to allow students to excel in each of their courses.

The following products are currently available:

Beware of imitation websites

Lawskool Pty Ltd has been operating for over 13 years and provides up-to date, high quality law study notes. Don't be fooled by imitation websites selling out of date second hand notes. Our products are regularly reviewed and are an invaluable resource to assist students prepare for upcoming exams. All of our products are written from scratch and do not use recycled or plagiarised material.

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Semester 2 – 2016

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Be careful of imitation websites

All of our law notes are:

  • written by HD students;
  • reviewed by practicing legal professionals;
  • comprehensively cover each area of law;
  • regularly updated and contain current law;
  • an invaluable resource to prepare for upcoming exams.

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