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Venue: Cachanilla Pre Runne
Time: 19x8.5 RW rs4 reps

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Constitutional Law, Land Law & Professional Responsability


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2011 1st Year Units: - Legal Introduction - Research & Writing - Contracts A & B - Criminal Law

Venue: UMelb Law, City or State Library
Time: Fortnightly, as agreeable.

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1st year subjects (criminal law, contracts 1, torts etc.) or simply whatever issues we face that week.

Venue: any city based Law School library or the State library
Time: day/night

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LaTrobe Law - all welcome

Venue: TBA
Time: TBA

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Criminal Law, Contract Law

Venue: Monash Caufield library
Time: As negotiated

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Corporate Law

Venue: City/Uni Melb/Deakin/Monash
Time: anytime

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