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In addition to our high quality law summaries lawskool also offers brand new law textbooks from major publishers at substantial discounts. If you are sick of: paying high prices law textbooks; lining up for textbooks at the beginning of the Semester; or waiting for your book store to order in your textbooks, then lawskool books are the answer to your problems. lawskool books are delivered to your doorstep within 4-5 working days. Buy your new textbooks online and save!

If we do not offer for sale any publication from the publishers listed below please contact us and we will provided you with a quote:

  • Federation Press
  • John Willey
  • Thomson Reuters (formerly LBC)
  • Lexis Nexis

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Don't forget Lawskool's second hand book directory. Here's the place to find bargain-priced textbooks from previous students as well as list your own textbooks for sale. This is a free service to both buyer and seller.